I lost my way, don't lose yours.
Wow. Tittttttties.
Why are girls so gorgeous. Seriously, girls are so flawless. I wish I could explain to every single girl in the world, individually, why they are so beautiful. I can't wait to actually show a girl the real meaning of love.
Heeey guys. I’m awkward. Ok.
I’m back NIGGA.

I was gone cause I went through a lot this last year, but I’m back, and plan on making my blog better than ever! Hope you missed me. ;*


you go baby you go

Matty Mullins - Memphis May Fire

Dream On, Dreamer by Rapture Images (Nadia Hall) on Flickr.
I got the chance to met this amazing band. They are amazing people, and all have amazing smiles. I wouldn’t have changed that moment for the world. ♥